Name                                                                     Rental Date/Time

Delivery Address                                                   Order Date




Delivery:  Date:                      Time:     Terms:
Delivered Returned Description Price Per Amount
  1   Machine  160 00 Each per Day 160 00
    1st Mix (N/C)  $20/additional   00      
    Cups/Straws (N/C) $5/additional 50          
    Mixing Container (N/C)          
    Extension Cord (N/C)          
    Delivery Charge (N/C)          
     Tax (6%)          


I confirm that the margarita machine I received is in proper working condition as demonstrated to me by the JP’s Frozen Concoctions delivery personnel.  I also understand that I must not move the machine once set-up is complete by a JP’s Frozen Concoctions employee.


I also acknowledge that I have been informed of the phone number(s) I must call during the first TWO HOURS of rental period if I have any questions about the operation of the equipment.  JP’s Frozen Concoctions contact number is 678-939-1137.


I understand that any problem with equipment must be reported during RENTAL PERIOD.  In addition, I confirm that I have been instructed to turn machine on 1 hour before the event; to make sure machine is switched to the ON position (to the left); that machine(s) are plugged into a 15 Amp 110 Volt Dedicated Circuit without any other appliances close by; and that I am to only use the extension cord provided by JP’s Frozen Concoctions.  Lastly, I have been informed to turn the machine OFF when empty.


Note:  The renter and renter’s party is responsible for theft and any damage (physical damage or mechanical damage caused by physical damage) while in your possession.  All products provided by JP’s Frozen Concoctions are completely alcohol free and will not be responsible for accidents or injury resulting from the consumption of alcohol during or following the use of equipment or products provided by JP's Frozen Concoctions.


I have read and I agree to the contract terms on the front and back of this invoice, which constitutes our entire agreement.  There are no oral or other representations not included herein.



Signed                                                                         DL#

Important Information:


Ø       No Extension Cords (unless provided by JP's Frozen Concoctions)

Ø       Do Not Unassemble any parts of the machine

Ø       Do Not move the machine from the place of set-up.

Ø       Do Not use any other mix that is not supplied by JP's Frozen Concoctions

Ø       Turn machine OFF when machine is empty

Ø       Rinse the machine barrel with water


In Doing any of the above will result in a $55.00 Charge.


If you are not available at the time of Delivery or Pick-Up there will be an $89 return trip fee (at pick-up the machine must be accessible).  You will be charged for any missing parts, mixing jugs, etc.


What’s a 20 Amp 110 Volt Dedicated Circuit?

The electricity is the most important variable that the client supplies, “110 Volt” refer to the electricity in standard outlets.  “20 Amp” refers to the size of the breaker that turns the outlet on and off at your breaker box.  Breakers are individually labeled with their amperage.  A 15 Amp breaker will not be sufficient.  “Dedicated Circuit” means that there are NOT other large electrical appliances or heavy amperage draw items (microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator etc.) on the same breaker.  These items take away electricity that the margarita machines need and could damage them, make them freeze slower, or not at all.